Welcome to RawFit, an exciting, full flavoured and joyous approach to healthy eating.  I eat with my eyes and I love food, I love flavours, textures and the enormous variety of foods that can be eaten.  I strongly believe that eating a mostly raw, plant based diet is the healthiest way to eat and that it can be a taste explosion everyday.  Most of the recipes are vegan and although I’m vegetarian,  RawFit is for everyone and if you prefer to eat meat or cheese with your meals you can simply adapt the recipes.  This is not about being perfect it’s about exploring and enjoying food at it’s best whilst listening to what your body needs.


I’m a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist living in Cambridge with my husband, two children, two big fluffy dogs and a flock of hens.  I graduated from Sheffield University with a Ph.D in Molecular Biology which gives me an excellent understanding of the human body and how it works.  And I love eating raw food! And I love the way it makes me feel!  Sometimes it can be challenging, having a busy lifestyle, one fussy little boy and a family of meat eaters means I have to plan our meals carefully and make sure the ingredients are in.  Breakfast and lunch are the easiest meals to make, however at dinner times when the whole family is eating I often have a cooked element to the meal, hence I  plan to maintain about 70-80% raw most of the time.

bears in woods

The reason I decided to embark on a raw, plant based diet was to have more energy, to wake up feeling revitalised, to enjoy a better relationship with food and generally feel good!  I’ve been living with Crohn’s disease for the last 25 years and have at times been very sick, I’m hoping that by switching to this diet I can control the symptoms without the use of medication.  I was lucky enough to meet Saskia Fraser from Raw Freedom and she guided me through the first 12 weeks.  At first it was really hard, I was used to eating a lot of wheat products and grains such as bread and pasta but I didn’t like how those foods made me feel.  Almost straight away I noticed that I had more energy and generally felt lighter and clearer.  It was as if my body was saying ‘yes! At last, she’s finally got it’.  I still eat bread but very occasionally, and I’ve never gone back to pasta, preferring spiralized courgette.  I wholeheartedly  recommend that you try to introduce more raw foods and discover how amazing and alive you’ll feel.