Tomato pasta sauce

This is my favourite ‘go-to’ recipe it’s just fantastic for a quick and easy family meal.  All the ingredients are tossed into the blender and then poured over spiralized courgette or sweet potato.  My children prefer spaghetti and this is a perfect stir-in sauce too.  I’ve even had this sauce as a soup and it was delicious,  there are 4 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl of Heinz tomato sauce and its nowhere near as nice as this home made raw version.  You can garnish the dish with pine nuts and basil.




4 tomatoes or several handfuls of cherry tomatoes

1 cm ginger

1 spring onion (only the white part) or a small shallot

Juice from half a lime or lemon

2 dates

1/2 tsp chilli powder


tomato sauce








Mac and Peas

A hug in a bowl, this dish was devised by Saskia Fraser and is featured in her Raw Freedom cookbook, it’s so filling and hearty and is great for when you’re in need of some comfort food.  When I started my raw journey I was convinced I wouldn’t find any raw food that was comforting, until I tasted this!

mac and peas



Cheesy Sauce

1 cup cashews

2 spring onions

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp nutritional yeast (Engevita)

3/4 tsp Himalayan mineral salt

100ml water

Blend all the above until smooth and creamy. then pour onto the following;


2 courgettes cut into little rectangles

2 cups freshly shelled fresh peas or defrosted frozen peas


Tip: If I’m in need of something slightly warmer I heat the plate in the oven then blanch the courgette and peas in boiled water for a minute.