Wall of Jars

My husband Ed calls this my wall of jars and I love it! I wanted to display all the lovely nuts and seeds that go into my cooking.  Little items that I grab a pinch of to garnish soup or salad; tasty little morsels such as pine nuts and sunflower seeds.  Just one date can sweeten a raw sauce up a treat and is always within reach.jars

I buy these jars from Amazon; here’s the link (disclaimer: I’ll get a teeny bit of commission if you use this link!)
6 x Kilner Cliptop Round Preserve Jars: 0.5L/1lb


What Blender?

The most used item in my kitchen is without a doubt my Nutri Bullet blender;  it’s used at least 5-6 times a day.  I use it to make almond milk, soups, dressings-and sauces, grinding nuts, smoothies and all manner of pates and spreads.  Almost every meal I make requires the blender.  See it in action below where I’m making a quick spinach soup…

The Nutri Bullet is good because it can run continuously for up to a minute, some blenders can only run for 10 seconds before they need to rest.  Its high power means it can cope with some tough mixtures like dates and tahini.  Its so easy to use, the children use it for their frozen fruit slushies! It’s very easy to wash, I rinse the blades as soon as I’ve finished and the cups can go in the dishwasher.  There’s a lid like a sports bottle which I use when I need a smoothie on the run.  There are no loose parts to lose.  It’s light and small enough to be taken on holiday.  I love it.

There are lots of blenders out there, before my Nutri Bullet I had a smaller Magic Bullet (same company), which was fine for protein shakes but it could only run for 10 seconds at a time and was less powerful than the Nutri Bullet so I discovered that I had to upgrade.

Here is a link to the Nutri Bullet on Amazon – if you buy it after using this link I’ll get a small contribution which helps to keep this site running!