Spinach Soup

I love raw soups! I’m totally converted from their cooked counterparts, however, it took a while, whilst transitioning to raw I had a mental block about having raw soup.  I thought ‘how can this be filling and wholesome and warming?’ I was wrong and now I cant get enough, particularly after a long bike ride.  I go through phases of which soup I like best, but it’s wonderful getting home and being able to choose from a selection of soups all of which can be made in minutes.

My trick is to make the soup up using 3 parts of water, one part of which is boiling water.  This means the soup is warmed even though it doesn’t exceed the magic 40 degrees (after 40 degrees the active nutrients such as enzymes are destroyed by the cooking process).


  1. Pack your blender with as much spinach as you can without overloading it – sometimes I feel really sorry for my blender, it works really hard!
  2. Add the juice from half a lime
  3. Add 1 spring onion
  4. Add half an avocado
  5. Add a pinch of good quality salt such as Himalayan Mountain Salt

Whiz then enjoy! you can sprinkle some pine nuts on the top with a drizzle of  olive oil, or if you’re watching your weight add some ripped basil leaves to the top.

Souper Speedy Raw Soups

I love soups! especially on cold days or after a long bike ride.  There are many raw soups that are bursting with goodness.  Soups warm you up and make you feel toasty whilst providing all the benefits of raw smoothies! How is that possible you might ask?  Since we know that the heating process destroys many of the active nutrients within plant foods we simply add a combination of hot and cold water to the soups.  This means that the soups do not exceed 40 degrees and the lovely nutrients remain active.  The only equipment you’ll need is a knife, a chopping board and a blender.


Spinach and avocado soup with pine nuts and a splash of olive oil


Yummy Carrot and Coriander

Simply quick and tasty.  I can literally whizz this up in under 60 seconds!



3 carrots – no need to peel just wash and roughly chop

1/2 avocdo

1/2 tsp cumin

Good pinch of fresh coriander – save another pinch for the top

200ml cold water

100ml hot water


Whizz all the above in your blender and serve!