Why Raw?

Still going for ‘5 a day’?  With a plant based diet consisting mainly of raw food you’ll be eating something like 20 a day!  Do I need to explain any further why a plant based, mainly raw diet would be beneficial to your health?  Let’s take a look at why many nutritionists believe this may be the healthiest way to eat…

The theory goes that when you cook food you destroy some of the nutrients within the food.  Nutrients such as natural enzymes which aid digestion and help combat chronic illnesses. Not only that,  often the cooking process creates free radicals and toxins that can cause disease.   So by eating the food raw you are gaining as much nutrition as possible.   Needless to say eating a mostly raw diet means eating mostly plant based foods primarily fruit, veg, soaked and sprouted grains and nuts and seeds.  Often raw foodies are vegetarian, or vegan, however, anyone can incorporate more raw into their diet and will see the health benefits.  Raw food is alkalising in the body and this is a state which helps prevent many chronic diseases as well as cancer and can also help with weight loss and maintaining an optimum weight.


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